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Joe Landsberger
Saint Paul, Minnesota

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West End Neighbors
Garden and History Tours

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West End Neighbors' Garden (and History)

For 13 years volunteers organized garden tours, the last six with corresponding histories of the neighborhoods along West Seventh Street, the West End of Saint Paul. They were successful as one strategy of enhancing the perspective that we're a beautiful and historic place to live along the banks of the Mississippi River--the first residential neighborhoods of our State of Minnesota.


Garden tours with histories (pdf's)
by Joe Landsberger:

2020 West End Neighbors Garden and History Tour
This garden tour features neighborhoods of the Upper Landing and Seven Corners; Irvine, Rice and North High Bridge Parks revealing the origin story of Fort Road/West Seventh Street, the Township/City of Saint Paul, the Territory/State of Minnesota from 1840.

Columbine/Aquilegia painting
by Stuart Loughridge.

2019 West end Neighbors Garden and History Tour

The 2019 twelfth garden and history tour featured the neighborhoods between West 7th and the Mississippi River out to Fort Snelling.

Western Prairie Fringed Orchid Watercolor
by Michelle Hovde Bastian. |

2018 West End Neighbors Garden and History Tour
The 2018 eleventh garden and history tour featured the neighborhoods between Jefferson/Randolph/West 7th/Lexington.

Sunflower painting
by Gerry Heroff. |

2017 WENGT "Little Bohemia"
2017 WENGT X

The 2017 eleventh annual tour featured the neighborhood of Little Bohemia.

FFloral painting
by Debora Padgett. |

West End Neighbors 10 anniversary tour
2016 WENGT IX/a>
The 2016 tenth anniversary garden tour featured brewery histories of the West End from 1848

Early Garden tours (pdf's)

2010 West End Neighbors Gardne Tour poster 2010
2010 WENGT III |

2012 WENGT V |

2013 WENGT VI |

2014 WENGT VII |


Poster and cover art design
by Nance Derby


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